Daily Digest – November 2nd

In Daily Digest on November 2, 2009 at 11:17 pm

IEA official expresses doubt about Copenhagen

Delegates to climate talks in Copenhagen may not be able to agree even a partial solution to the problem of how to tackle global warming by December, a top international climate change official said

Top Danish climate change official to world leaders “Create options”

Negotiators meeting for a final session before a worldwide conference on climate change were urged on Monday to craft simple, clear options for politicians facing next month’s haggle in Copenhagen.

French say tax financial transactions to fund climate change mitigation in poor countries

France is proposing a plan to help the world’s poorest countries finance renewable energy projects that it hopes will form part of upcoming climate talks, Ecology Minister Jean-Louis Borloo said in an interview on Sunday.

Republicans planning to delay US climate change bill

The top Republicans on six committees with jurisdiction over the Senate climate bill have sent a letter to Environment and Public Works committee Chairman Barbara Boxer urging her to back off of her decision to force the bill through the committee without Republican participation.

EU struggling to reach a consensus on climate change funding

Negotiations to save the planet from catastrophic climate change are heading for trouble, five weeks before the U.N. conference in Copenhagen to tackle the problem


World opinion in favor of substantive climate change deal in Copenhagen

A majority of people say it is vital to reach agreement at the U.N. climate change negotiations in Denmark, a global financial institution survey indicated.


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