Daily Digest – November 3rd

In Daily Digest on November 3, 2009 at 6:52 pm

Merkel in US to encourage climate change deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall by exhorting the world in a speech to Congress on Tuesday to “tear down the walls of today” and reach a deal to combat global warming.

Climate change will melt snows of Kilimanjaro ‘within 20 years’

The snows of Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa – may soon be falling on bare ground following a study showing that its ice cap is destined to disappear entirely within 20 years, due largely to climate change.

Climate Change and Security in Africa

The fact is that, while among the regions of the world Africa may be the least responsible for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions which most scientific opinions blame for global warming, it nonetheless stands to suffer the most.

Why African countries are boycotting climate change talks

Talks over how to cut back global carbon emissions to ease the effects of climate change have broken down, with African nations arguing that rich nations are not doing their fair share. The latest round of talks, scheduled for Nov. 2-6 in Barcelona, are aimed at looking into a number of natural remedies that might help manage the rise in global emissions of carbon dioxide, one of the main by products from the burning of oil, coal, and other fossil fuels in electrical power plants and heavy industries.


Ecuador wants funds to stop rainforest oil output

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa, on a London visit, called for support for the Yasuni initiative, under which Ecuador would leave 850 million barrels of oil, worth $6 billion, underground as a contribution to countering climate change.

China’s Wen tells EU to stick to current climate pact

Rich countries for months have tried to press the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, China, to change its view and commit to concrete emission reductions in a new climate treaty. A recent telephone call between Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso showed no change in China’s position.

U.S. Urged to Clarify Greenhouse-Gas Reduction Target by UN, EU

The United Nations and European Union said the U.S. needs to clarify by how much it intends to reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions in order for an international global-warming agreement to be reached next month in Copenhagen.

Climate deal must acknowledge Russia’s forests: Putin

A global warming pact to be agreed next month in Copenhagen must take into account the carbon dioxide absorption potential of Russia’s sprawling forests, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Monday.

  1. Even letting the debate continue, when our species may hang in the balance, says something about us. I argue that there is a certain presumptuousness surrounding our approach to how we are addressing global warming that goes well beyond simply having a short-term perspective. What if the cockroach has a more sustainable position? I recommend the following post:

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