Daily Digest – November 4th

In Daily Digest on November 4, 2009 at 9:45 pm

Obama and EU leaders meet: US to redouble its efforts to reach a deal in Copenhagen

Speaking after talks in Washington with EU officials, he said they agreed they should create a framework for progress.

New Invest Scheme for developing countries gaining traction

A U.N. scheme initially shunned by investors as too risky is now pulling them in to help achieve dramatic cuts in carbon emissions in developing countries and improve the livelihoods of millions of people


African Nations Resume talks in Barcelona

United Nations climate talks will resume today in Barcelona after African nations agreed to return to the table that negotiates emissions targets for 37 industrialized countries.


In an effort to push US towards a climate change bill, Ban Ki Moon will meet with Senators

Money paid by rich countries to fight global warming will have to “be scaled up” from the $100bn a year on offer, the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon said today


US should fund Carbon Capture projects in China

Three prominent American research organizations that are pushing for greater cooperation between the Obama administration and China on the issue of climate change say the two governments should make a priority of supporting the use of carbon capture technology and the creation of a market for carbon


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