Daily Digest – November 5th

In Daily Digest on November 6, 2009 at 12:28 am

Prospects for climate deal in Copenhagen not looking good

The world is moving toward December climate change talks that have been described in some quarters as “pivotal.” But a European Union agreement, signed last week, sheds light on how tenuous the prospects are for a comprehensive deal any time soon.

Germany leading country in climate change initiatives

A study issued Thursday during UN climate talks in Barcelona shows that Germany, Mexico and the US are at the top of the list of countries to create more energy-efficient policies.


US businesses get behind effort for climate change bill

More than a dozen leading US corporations — including Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), DB Climate Change Advisors (Deutsche Bank Group), Gap Inc., and National Grid –announced the launch of a new initiative to support Congressional action on clean energy and climate change legislation. The goal of the new group, called American Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE), is to offer a platform for leading U.S. businesses to express their support for meaningful and effective legislation that will drive clean technology innovation, create jobs, and address the threat of global climate change.

South Africa will push for strong climate deal in Copenhagen

South Africa will join other leading nations in calling for a comprehensive, ambitious and fair international climate change deal to be clinched at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Rethinking carbon markets

Global emissions trade expansion should be stopped because the schemes will not deliver emissions cuts in time to curb global warming, environmental group Friends of the Earth (FoE) said in a report on Thursday.

Rich, Poor divide on climate change talks in Barcelona

Rich countries today piled pressure on Africa not to derail climate talks after the poorest countries in the world shocked the UN by walking out of the official negotiations, demanding that their concerns be met.


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