Daily Digest – November 6th

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Russia dragging its feet on climate change

Russia doesn’t seem to care two bits about global warming, and it’s not hard to see why. Most Russians would probably be happy if the country was a little warmer. Officials even joke that once climate change has run its course, people may start pouring into Siberia instead of trying to escape it. If the polar ice caps melt any further, Russia would be able to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean, where it’s believed to have huge fossil-fuel reserves. For the rest of the planet, however, the picture is not so cheerful.
Copenhagen 2.0 in 2010 may be needed

A U.N. climate treaty may need an extra year beyond a December deadline to agree details, delegates at U.N. talks said on Thursday even as a U.S. Senate committee approved a carbon-capping bill.


Adaptation pilot programs in Africa

African efforts to invest in clean energy and prepare for the devastating consequences of climate change have received a boost with six countries set to receive $1.1 billion in new financing for climate action.  From solar water heaters to wind power development and development policy planning, a range of new, scalable investments were given the green light at Trustee meetings of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) in Washington.


Is India ignoring climate change

If U.S. diplomats consider India to be a major obstacle to global climate-change negotiations — and they do — it might be because of Sunita Narain. The director of the influential Centre for Science and Environment, Narain can be as caustic as she is intelligent, and never more so than when she is taking rich nations to task for what she sees as their hypocrisy on global warming. They pressure the developing world to control carbon emissions even as they refuse to move themselves, she says. “The rich have to reduce their emissions so the rest of the world can grow,” says Narain, speaking in her office in New Delhi. “This is about sharing growth between nations and people. If we can’t, then India has to be a naysayer for a bad climate agreement.”


Climate Change, Climate Justice

In light of the established scientific consensus there is little doubt that the current climate crisis is anthropogenic, as opposed to what Sarah Palin tried to sell to the world during the last US presidential election. When we see the rapid melting of the North Pole glaciers, the sea-level rising, repetitious flooding in all parts of the world, food shortages, drought and cyclones hitting everywhere in a vicious cycle affecting millions, it is clear that Mother Nature returns to us with a vengeance again and again.


Much doubt remains whether US will address adaptation

Advocates for nations vulnerable to climate change are accusing the United States of trying to “kill” a prominent global warming provision that would create a massive insurance program for countries that face rising destruction from natural disasters.


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