New Media and Copenhagen

In COP15 on November 6, 2009 at 10:43 pm

OneClimateI came across this Oneclimate website and thought I’d share. Its very creative and unique. Why? It’s not your traditional advocacy website. OneClimate’s site is a platform whereby individuals can communicate their experiences, actions, and thoughts about climate change. It’s using technology to create spaces for everyday citizens to be a part of the Copenhagen process.

Simply put, a social networking site for climate change activists and concerned citizens.

Now that we are a month out from Copenhagen, there are several sites popping up that want to enable the average person an opportunity to make their voice heard through create technological platforms. Moving forward and while in Copenhagen it’ll be interesting to see what effect this has on the entire process????????? I’ll do my best to bring you some of the most unique and creative efforts in this area.

For now, below is from the “About” page from OneClimate. Would love to hear your thoughts.

OneClimate is an initiative of OneWorld UK. We are a not-for-profit organisation and our mission is ‘to leverage media innovatively for a fair and sustainable world’.

Clearly, we cannot have a fair and sustainable world without tackling climate change. We could go farther and say that climate change is providing humankind with one final and convincing opportunity: a wake-up call to persuade us, as nothing ever has before, that we must act together to bring about a fair and sustainable world. 

The OneWorld Network has 12 centres around the world, of which OneWorld UK is one. It is governed by the trustees of the OneWorld International Foundation, a registered charity (no.1095287).

What the OneWorld UK team has done is to create innovative spaces and useful tools to enable you to communicate your experiences, insights, questions and answers about climate change. We only build the platforms: the content – almost all of it – is yours


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