Daily Digest – November 9th

In Daily Digest on November 9, 2009 at 9:52 pm

earthHow should we measure emissions and reductions?

The bigger the pledged emissions cuts or reductions in growth in carbon dioxide pollution, the greater the need to prove nations meet those targets and curb the pace of climate change.


Japan urging China to step on in Copenhagen

Japan urged China on Sunday to make an ”international commitment” to reduce greenhouse gases in a new carbon-capping framework to succeed the Kyoto Protocol. Japan ”strongly hopes China will show its active initiative (to curb emissions) to the international community in a new international framework as an international commitment,” Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Masayuki Naoshima told a Japan-China energy-saving and environmental forum in Beijing.


G-20 leaders come up short on climate financing

Rich countries and developing nations fought over climate change on Saturday, failing to make progress on financing ahead of a major environmental summit in Copenhagen next month.


Kenya critical of other African nations for walking out in Barcelona

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga Saturday criticised a walkout by African states during climate talks in Barcelona as “grandstanding,” and said it did not help developing countries’ case.


Youth to World Leaders on Climate Change “Don’t leave us a world worse off than you inherited”

One of the challenges in addressing climate change is that the folks being asked to do most of the sacrificing constitute a different group from those who ultimately will reap most of the benefit.


Nigeria to press the US to pay for climate change

Eziuche Chinwe Ubani, a top Nigerian climate change official, has joined a growing chorus of African delegates who believe that developed countries must pledge cash to the continent to help it deal with the effects of global warming.


The view from Bangladesh

In the developed world, when we consider how best to help Bangladesh, our minds quickly turn to policies that would reduce the amount of carbon emissions to lessen the risk that global warming will lead to rising sea levels over the next 50 or 100 years.


“Many Heavens, One Earth” Religious leaders ramp up climate change push

A remarkable conclave of leading figures from nine of the world’s major religions is under way at Windsor Castle in Britain, under the auspices of Prince Philip and  the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. Called “Many Heavens, One Earth,” the meeting is intended to generate commitments for actions by religious organizations, congregants and countries that could reduce emissions of greenhouse gases or otherwise limit the human impact on the environment.


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