Young Voices – Yaicha Bookhout

In Young voices on November 30, 2009 at 11:57 pm


My name is Yaicha Bookhout and I’m a student at the University of Montana in the undergraduate Environmental Studies Program and minoring in Climate Change Studies. I will be attending the COP15 conference in Copenhagen and will be representing the EVST department at UM as well as Montana’s youth voice at the international conference. I’m passionate making young voices heard because it is important to have our generation. It’s important because youth will be picking up all the pieces if our current leaders fail. I am very lucky to attend this unprecedented conference; I was selected by the Environmental Studies Program and received grants to fund my travels.

 Our college cares about what is happening in Copenhagen because at UM there is a large commitment to creating a more sustainable college. To read more about sustainable initiatives happening at UM read my article on NewWest at The campus group University of Montana’s Climate Action Now (UMCAN) is committed to advocating sustainability, clean energy and green jobs to our political leaders. We are also helping create a more sustainable campus by initiating programs such as the Revolving Energy Loan Fund, UM Forum for Appropriated Technology and more. It’s a really exciting time to be involved in a movement that will determine our future. I’m glad that our University and many others around the country are starting to make this an important issue. Since there is so much going on at the local level, it gives me even more hope and empowerment to help create change. I think this issue will be our generation’s time to shine!


To learn more about the EVST program and to follow my COP15 blog vist here.


To learn more about the climate change minor go here.


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