Its Wednesday in Copenhagen

In Uncategorized on December 16, 2009 at 7:53 am

Its Wednesday morning in Copenhagen and time is running out for negotiators to reach a consensus before all of the heads of states arrive. Yesterday conference President Connie Hedegaard expressed out loud that Copenhagen “can fail”. The momentum towards an agreeemtn has been waxing and waning, the next two days should be interesting.

On the US side, Sen. John Kerry arrives today. More MOC’s are expected to trickle in and express to this international body that the US has done a lot more than the previous administration and considering its domestic political constraints has done all that it can. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives tomorrow (Thursday) to work over China, India and possibly African leaders so that when President Obama arrives he can sign a deal. Remember, the Obama administration chose to push back the date of the President’s trip because they saw enough progress and enough momentum coming into Copenhagen for him to sign an agreement.

There’s been plenty of bad news and cynicism. Here’s a positive development. According to the NYT

Negotiators have all but completed a sweeping deal that would compensate countries for preserving forests, and in some cases, other natural landscapes like peat soils, swamps and fields that play a crucial role in curbing climate change.

This could be the most significant agreement made in Copenhagen, a case of drastically lowered expectations.


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