climate change

My name is Simeon Talley and I will be one of ten students the Iowa United Nations Association is sending to Copenhagen, Denmark to observe the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December. In Copenhagen the international community will attempt to come to an agreement on a climate change treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol which is set to expire in 2012.

The Copenhagen conference or COP15 may be the last chance for world leaders to reach an international agreement on climate change before we reach a point of no return. No doubt, the stakes are high and quite literally the world will be watching the Copenhagen process.

The Road to Copenhagen is a blog about my experience as a student and concerned world citizen leading up to the conference. This blog will highlight the voices of young people and perspectives that are missed in mainstream media as they relate to climate change. More broadly, The Road to Copenhagen aims to serve as a forum for discourse and dialogue for ordinary people. Too often on issues that affect “us all”, most of us do not feel included in the debate or as part of the solution.

So I hope you’ll participate. I hope you’ll comment and respond to posts and share this blog with your friends. From December 7th-18th in Copenhagen, decisions will be made that affect this generation and generations to come. Let’s use the time we have now leading up to Copenhagen to learn about the issues at stake and have a conversation about them.

If you are intested in writing a blog entry for The Road to Copenhagen you can email Simeon Talley at


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