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Daily Digest – December 1st

In Daily Digest on December 1, 2009 at 10:11 pm

Still hope for US and China position to evolve

The U.N.’s environment chief said Tuesday he is optimistic that the climate change talks beginning in Copenhagen next week will reach a deal setting firm targets to cut carbon emissions.

Recent offers by the United States and China appear modest compared with European Union proposals and scientists’ demands, but probably represent only first offers, said Achim Steiner, director of the U.N. Environment Program.

New Report: How the EU can get to 40%

EU leaders asking China for more details on its emissions plan

China should provide details on how it will implement its greenhouse gas limits and offer further proposals commensurate with its status as the world’s largest emitter, European leaders said Tuesday.

China promised Thursday to nearly halve the ratio of pollution to GDP over the next decade — a major voluntary step that came a day after President Barack Obama promised the U.S. would lay out plans at this month’s global warming conference in Copenhagen to substantially cut its own greenhouse gas emissions.

Will India make its move now?

Recent pledges by the United States and China to cut carbon emissions are now propelling India to make its own commitment to slow greenhouse gas emissions and go into the upcoming Copenhagen climate summit with a firm proposal on reductions.

The move marks a significant shift for India, which has previously said more established, wealthier nations should bear the brunt of carbon cuts rather than emerging nations whose economies are less developed.

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Daily Digest – November 30th

In Daily Digest on November 30, 2009 at 10:11 pm

India, stubborn on carbon emissions targets

Top Indian officials dismissed a draft climate change proposal by Denmark that expects developing economies to peak their greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, news reports said Monday.

The draft document was circulated to a few countries ahead of the Dec. 7-18 summit in Copenhagen, which is supposed to draw up an agreement for controlling emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases causing global warming.


Will rich countries commit to climate financing for poor countries?

The EU was accused of threatening the global climate talks last night after confidential papers showed it wants existing overseas aid funding to be used to help poor countries adapt to global warming, not new and additional funds


Big developing countries unite on climate change

A clutch of major emerging economies including China and India have forged a united front to put pressure on developed countries at next month’s climate change negotiations in Copenhagen.

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Daily Digest – November 11th

In Daily Digest on November 12, 2009 at 2:36 am

earthOffshore wind power station partnership in US

Maryland, Delaware and Virginia are joining forces to promote the offshore wind power.The governors of the three states announced Tuesday that they have signed an agreement to work together on promoting federal policies, transmission strategies and other issues to advance offshore power in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Incremental progress in US on climate change bill before Copenhagen could help

U.S. Senator John Kerry said on Tuesday he will try to “outline” a compromise climate control bill before December’s international global warming conference and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon gave an upbeat assessment of Washington’s intentions

Forum outlines divisions leading up to Copenhagen

Speaking at a symposium organized by the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington on Tuesday, Atul Arya, the chief adviser for energy and climate policy for BP, the British oil company, said the odds of achieving a broad, global agreement at climate talks in Copenhagen next month were “very, very low.”

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Daily Digest – November 10th

In Daily Digest on November 11, 2009 at 12:11 am

EarthWorld Energy Outlook 2009: Business As Usual Unsustainable

The world is on course for a six degrees Celsius (10.8 F) temperature rise and rising energy costs, if business as usual is continued, the International Energy Agency (IEA) concludes in the report World Energy Outlook 2009 published on Tuesday.

Ban Ki-Moon heads to Washington to push for climate deal

Ban plans to meet with key senators and White House officials to discuss how governments are approaching the climate negotiations “and what those governments expect, in terms of the role of the United States,” the secretary-general’s top adviser on climate change said Monday.

Lula to Obama and Hu Jintao “Time to show some leadership in Copenhagen”

Brazil’s president has challenged other world leaders to attend next month’s climate talks in Copenhagen to break the deadlock in negotiations to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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Daily Digest – November 9th

In Daily Digest on November 9, 2009 at 9:52 pm

earthHow should we measure emissions and reductions?

The bigger the pledged emissions cuts or reductions in growth in carbon dioxide pollution, the greater the need to prove nations meet those targets and curb the pace of climate change.


Japan urging China to step on in Copenhagen

Japan urged China on Sunday to make an ”international commitment” to reduce greenhouse gases in a new carbon-capping framework to succeed the Kyoto Protocol. Japan ”strongly hopes China will show its active initiative (to curb emissions) to the international community in a new international framework as an international commitment,” Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Masayuki Naoshima told a Japan-China energy-saving and environmental forum in Beijing.


G-20 leaders come up short on climate financing

Rich countries and developing nations fought over climate change on Saturday, failing to make progress on financing ahead of a major environmental summit in Copenhagen next month.

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Daily Digest – November 5th

In Daily Digest on November 6, 2009 at 12:28 am

Prospects for climate deal in Copenhagen not looking good

The world is moving toward December climate change talks that have been described in some quarters as “pivotal.” But a European Union agreement, signed last week, sheds light on how tenuous the prospects are for a comprehensive deal any time soon.

Germany leading country in climate change initiatives

A study issued Thursday during UN climate talks in Barcelona shows that Germany, Mexico and the US are at the top of the list of countries to create more energy-efficient policies.

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Daily Digest – November 4th

In Daily Digest on November 4, 2009 at 9:45 pm

Obama and EU leaders meet: US to redouble its efforts to reach a deal in Copenhagen

Speaking after talks in Washington with EU officials, he said they agreed they should create a framework for progress.

New Invest Scheme for developing countries gaining traction

A U.N. scheme initially shunned by investors as too risky is now pulling them in to help achieve dramatic cuts in carbon emissions in developing countries and improve the livelihoods of millions of people


African Nations Resume talks in Barcelona

United Nations climate talks will resume today in Barcelona after African nations agreed to return to the table that negotiates emissions targets for 37 industrialized countries.

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Daily Digest – November 3rd

In Daily Digest on November 3, 2009 at 6:52 pm

Merkel in US to encourage climate change deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall by exhorting the world in a speech to Congress on Tuesday to “tear down the walls of today” and reach a deal to combat global warming.

Climate change will melt snows of Kilimanjaro ‘within 20 years’

The snows of Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa – may soon be falling on bare ground following a study showing that its ice cap is destined to disappear entirely within 20 years, due largely to climate change.

Climate Change and Security in Africa

The fact is that, while among the regions of the world Africa may be the least responsible for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions which most scientific opinions blame for global warming, it nonetheless stands to suffer the most.

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Daily Digest – November 2nd

In Daily Digest on November 2, 2009 at 11:17 pm

IEA official expresses doubt about Copenhagen

Delegates to climate talks in Copenhagen may not be able to agree even a partial solution to the problem of how to tackle global warming by December, a top international climate change official said

Top Danish climate change official to world leaders “Create options”

Negotiators meeting for a final session before a worldwide conference on climate change were urged on Monday to craft simple, clear options for politicians facing next month’s haggle in Copenhagen.

French say tax financial transactions to fund climate change mitigation in poor countries

France is proposing a plan to help the world’s poorest countries finance renewable energy projects that it hopes will form part of upcoming climate talks, Ecology Minister Jean-Louis Borloo said in an interview on Sunday.

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